Welcome to the official website of Gardnersville Association in the Americas

Gardnersville Association in Americas is solely a charitable organization comprising of Liberians and Friends of Liberia in the Diaspora who having decided to come together, have purposed to:

  • To provide support/empowerment to its members in time of needs. 
  • To undertake projects agreed upon by the association for the benefits of its members in Americas and Gardnersville, Liberia. 
  • To increase GAA program awareness by disseminating information to members and to interested sympathizers/persons in the Americas; (USA & Canada). 
  • To recruit members and maintain an active membership file;
  • To provide an orderly means of assembling and retaining pertinent records for use in establishing and assisting different Committees of the organization. 

Why Gardnersville?

We believe those of us that were born in Gardnersville and living in the Americas should be able to help the new generation back home in Gardnersville, Liberia through fund raising, donations and undertaking various projects that could be of immense help for our people back home.

We believe by helping our people with educational materials like text books, note books, computers, the establishment of a library, donations to clinics in Gardnersville, these gestures of goodwill can help alleviate some of the hardships our people encountered daily. This we believe will bring about real change for families, our communities, and the society as whole. 

About Gardnersville

Aerial of Gardnersville Suburb

Gardnersville or Gardnersville is a town in central-northern suburb of Monrovia, Liberia. It is widely regarded as being a part of Samie Town and Barnesville. However, because the boundaries remain unclear, Gardnersville is generally referred as a suburb. The area is one of the 16 zones that the city of Monrovia is comprised of.

Gardnersville was often used by the warring factions as a demarcation line of the war front during the Liberian civil wars of 1989 – 2003. As a result, many battles were fought in this suburb thus resulting to heavy causalities in the loss of lives and properties. The suburb gained notoriety as the area where five Catholic nuns were brutally murdered by rebel soldiers of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) during their “Operation Octopus” war campaign to overrun the capital city of Monrovia.   

Who killed the Nums is an investigative journalism by Frontline into the killings of the five Catholic Nums in Liberia during the Octopus war launched by then Rebels of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia in 1992.  The posting of this link does not constitute approval of this report but rather to provide a educational information to our audience.  We DO NOT have any rights to this video